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You are here: Mainpage / News / Ceará’s Community Tourism Network receives the To Do! Award in Berlin

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Ceará’s Community Tourism Network receives the To Do! Award in Berlin

The Tucum Network, a pioneer experience of community tourism in Ceará, received on March 13 the To Do! award. This award is granted by Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung (Institute for Tourism and Development, Germany ) to initiatives in socially responsible tourism. The award was delivered during the 43rd International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin, the largest tourism fair in Europe .
receive the prize in Berlin
receive the prize in Berlin
Tucum (the experience) was evaluated at the end of 2008, from November 30 to December 11. According to Klaus Betz, evaluator of the prize, in his justification for Tucum’s application, the network promotes the community tourism and respects the different paces, abilities and stages of development of the individuals and communities involved. This diversity is used in the construction and marketing of its products and services. Betz emphasizes that the development of community tourism in Ceará represents an activity of resistance and fight against real estate speculators. It is a strategy for communities to manage the growing tourist demand for their territories.
Despite the widespread idea that tourism potentially generates employment, distributes income and improves the lives of local people, one can often observe the link between the traditional model of mass and luxury (resort) tourism to problems such as socio- spatial segregation, income concentration, social and environmental impacts, and other effects. In order to question this model and rethink tourism the To Do! award was created in 1995 – An initiative taken by the Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung (Institute for Tourism and Development), in Germany , to award socially responsible tourism proposals of great merit.

Between the years 1995 and 2008, about 250 projects in 63 countries in five continents participated in the To Do! According to the site Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung, 60% of the candidates for the prize are from the so-called developing countries, which shows the growth of the debate and implementation of socially responsible tourism projects in these places while in Europe the demand for discussion and practice of fair trade and sustainable tourism grows. Along the history of the To Do! 32 projects were awarded, including 27 that represent the experiences of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America . In Brazil , only the Prainha do Canto Verde, in Beberibe, Ceará, now member of the Tucum Network was awarded in 1999.

Besides Brazil , two other experiments in Peru and Switzerland will receive the To Do! To receive the award and represent the Tucum network at the ITB, the largest tourism fair in Europe, Terramar Institute advisor Vanessa Lima traveled to Germany . To promote Tucum she will then hold meetings with groups and non-governmental organizations in Italy , France , Holland and Germany .

To understand the name Tucum

Tucum is a fiber extracted from a palm tree with which the first fishing nets and hammocks were made in the northern and northeastern Brazil . From this plant a timber that serves as the raw material for a variety of craft products is also extracted. The ring of tucum is the most famous of them, a symbol of resistance and struggle of many social movements throughout Latin America . Therefore, the name Tucum refers to the beauty and tradition of the traditional peoples of the region and identifies the commitment of communities in the historic strength and organization in the Coastal Zone of Ceará.

Communities and groups that make up the Tucum Network

Frei Humberto accommodation of the MST (Fortaleza) and Association Women in Movement in Conjunto Palmeiras (Fortaleza), Batoque (Aquiraz), Jenipapo-Kanindé (Aquiraz), Prainha do Canto Verde (Beberibe) Settlement Coqueirinho (Fortim), Ponta Grossa (Icapuí), Tremembé (Icapuí), Tatajuba (Camocim), Curral Velho (Acaraú), Caetanos de Cima (Amontada), Flecheiras (Trairí).

Publicated in 29/04/2008 By Camila Garcia

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